SMA Playhouse

SMA Playhouse is a musical series, where our home grown talent will bring to your home the JOY OF MUSIC!! More music, more fun, more innovation, more joy for all of us. Watch SMA Playhouse in action now!  

Divine Kalyani (Carnatic Classical)

A composition by Saint Shyama Shastri on divine goddess Parvathi Devi, asking for protection.

The song is set in the Ragam Kalyani, Rupaka Talam. We offer this as a dedication and salutation to the great composer Shyama Shastri, one of the Trinity of Indian Carnatic music.

Creating Good Music

Learning music is never complete without performances. Our new series equips our students to create musical melodies in their own unique way.

Learning To Jam

When talented musicians jam together they create magic. Jamming together allows our students to learn from each other.

Spreading The Joy

Music is a joy best shared and the series takes the creations of academy students to the world because 'All the world's a stage'!

Jog Melange (Hindustani Classical) 

A beautiful combination of the popular Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy number 'Koi Kahe Kehata Rahe' and a Tarana in Raag Jog. Watch these two musical styles from totally different musical worlds come together. The song is expressed through Swara mapping.

Check out our students having fun jamming and interacting with each other!

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 Our Dream
Shankar Mahadevan’s vision for the Academy is to share his love for music with people across the globe and to make learning music easy, accessible and fun. Our vision is to be the Harvard of music worldwide and our mission is 'Joy of Music'. 

 Our Journey 
Over the past 9 years, Shankar Mahadevan Academy (SMA) has built a presence in 76 countries reaching students through its online classes, schools, corporates and centers.The Academy has launched several courses such as Hindi Movie Songs, Devotional Songs, Music for Children, Voice Gym, and several others apart from the flagship Carnatic and Hindustani Classical Music courses. The Academy has offered its program Grow with Music to over 20,000 students across 60 school locations - from Noida to Madurai. SMA has centres in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Bay Area and Dubai. The Academy operates its online classes 24/7 and has conducted over 1,00,000 virtual classes till date.

 Playhouse Story

Shankar Mahadevan Academy's mission is Joy of Music. And we have been delivering it to our students worldwide and in schools over the last 9 years. As we approach a decade we want to spread this joy to musical lovers all over and hence the idea of SMA playhouse was born.  Our home grown talent of students will create and perform music across genres, and these performances will be shared with you - to listen, appreciate and enjoy.