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Which are the top singing competitions in which I can participate?
Why are some of the pgs only in teacher book and not in OM book?
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Some things are only in the teacher's book. Could you add things like taans aalaps etc to the OM Book?
Nevermind, I fo..
by Shreyasee Nanda
3 months, 2 weeks ago
Help with performance of folk song
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My daughter wants to sing the rajasthani folk song 'Oonth chadhi ghar aave laado' ishe learnt at SMA at her school festival. I do not have the kareoke to that song,Is there one available ? Alternatively is there a dholak app that I could use and setup to the 16 beats of this folk song ? I tried using itablepro but Table sound it not the same as Dholak.
stability pattern assessment
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can someone help me out with he stability pattern assessment. Not able to understand!!!
what level are ..
by Shreyasee Nanda
3 months, 3 weeks ago
Not happy with the certificate issued...
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My daughter successfully completed her HV101, however, the certificate issued to her was a soft copy, we request academy to issue a Hard copy of certificate aswell.
Higher Notes
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I am practicing Tarana in Raag durga, HV 103. I have chosen C# as my scale from the beginning. In this Tarana Bandish, we have to hit upper Ma and upper Pa in Antara. I am having real difficulties in achieving this. Any suggestions are appreciated.
Some practice a..
by Shreyasee Nanda
4 months, 2 weeks ago
How to upload recording
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Hi, trying to upload a recording in the community section but not sure how to. Can anyone help me?
All you have to..
by Shreyasee Nanda
6 months ago
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Can anyone suggest me a good microphone for home recording? Thanks
Any USB based c..
by Thayaparan Sripavan
2 weeks ago
Hi Everyone!
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Hi, i am shreejana from USA, New York. Guys, i am really nervous, scared and tense about this class. I DON'T SPEAK Hindi but understand little. This is not my language and i m trying to be classical singer. I am a new student, also i sing Hindi song. Is it really hard to learn classical ???? i have no idea!!
It is not neces..
by Shreyasee Nanda
4 months, 2 weeks ago
Poor Support
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We are new the Shankar Mahadevan Academy. We have had VERY BAD experience of getting support on any issue. We should be able to have an access, as the students of the academy, to reach Shankar Mahadevan when week after week we have been denied what we have been promised. My daughter has so far taken 4 classes and we have been given the recording of only one! No other class recording field shows up and every day we have to beg support to make it available!
Patterning and recognizing patterns in songs
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My daughter is enrolled for the HV101 course. She is making patterns and is learning the pentatonic scale. However is there a resource available somewhere where we can identify which patterns are used in the songs that are formed with pentatonic and other patterns? None of us are educated in music, so it is hard for us to understand the theory and link the patterns to the actual sound and tune of the song in that pattern. Can someone point us to a resource we can use for learning to relate the patterns learnt to songs. So as an example, how do I identify what patterns are used in the song, "Prathamana mana gananayaka charana". Thank you for your help.
Hi, I'm in Hv 1..
by Aditi Jagtap
3 years, 9 months ago
Warm up/ Daily Riyaaz
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While I would love to take a full course, I am unable to based on budget and time.For some of the English self study vocal courses available, they provide daily warmup exercises. I would love to have this available. Some inflections and styles require open throat, head voice etc which can be achieved with some good tips availble in the english training to reduce strain, breaking of voice during high notes etc
i want guidance..
by kavery nambisan
1 year ago
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Since, as per the instructors, it is important that we can adjust our riyaaz to a comfortable range...during riyaaz, there is no feature to adjust pitch up or we can sing and record in our range rather than current piano
Sorry I'd meant..
by Alnoor Manji
7 years, 1 month ago
how to upload recording.
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How to upload recording.
...or you could..
by Shreyasee Nanda
4 months, 2 weeks ago
How to sing Dugan
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In a Raag SARAGAM geet is sung normal & in dugan also, so is there any thumb rule to sing dugan?
New OM Riyaaz Recorder
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here is one of the students talking about it.. Date: Tue, May 15, 2012 at 5:54 PM Subject: new OM Book audio recorder To: shankar mahadevan <> Hi, I tried the new audio recorder, exellent!!! it is better quality, no any distabance very clear, outstanding improvment !!! well done. Thank you very much, Best Regards, Dharshan.
by arjun kumar
7 years, 8 months ago
Problem in downloading recorded classes
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Hello, Many a times there is need to check out recorded classes,when i we miss it or to listen again.Its very important facility given but unfortunately it is not downloadable at all .It takes 2 hrs or even more to get atleast 15 to 20 mins classes to download I am sure that every one might be facing this problem. I have already requested support team to do something about it.but they say it will take time..I hope there might be some solution to it like breaking the video into smaller chunks and then downloading etc....
by Ansar Khan
4 years, 11 months ago